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Pentair builds the most reliable medium to heavy-duty reciprocating pumps for sewer jet and other industrial applications The Pentair brand of Myers reciprocating pumps keeps sewer jet trucks running with industry-leading serviceability in sewer jetting.

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The tradition of excellence that began in 1870 continues today with innovative designs that set the standard for quality, value and reliability. The combination of extraordinary customer service, superior manufacturing capabilities and a history of proven products has successfully positioned the Myers brand as a recognized worldwide industry leader for your wastewater municipal solutions.

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Pentair grinders and submersible solids handling pumps are engineered to ensure exceptional performance for demanding applications. Meticulous engineering, combined with in-house test facilities and shorten production times, help ensure that you get your pump when and where you need it, keeping your commercial project on schedule.

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Pentair provides engineered solutions for the entire wastewater sewage spectrum including traditional gravity, decentralized solutions, and builds the most reliable medium to heavy-duty reciprocating pumps. The Pentair Myers brand also contains an extensive line of single and multi-stage centrifugal pumps. The Pentair brand of Myers centrifugal pumps has earned a reputation for dependable and efficient performance in demanding continuous service applications.

The Pentair Myers and Myers-Aplex triplex and quintiplex reciprocating pumps provide high pressure pumping solutions for the mining, oil and gas and other industrial applications.

Myers-Aplex pumps can be configured with multiple metallurgies for long life, even when pumping the most challenging media.

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The Pentair AG Series is the right choice to handle stringy trash, fibrous wastes, slurries and other difficult to pump solids without plugging the impeller. Pentair’s AG pumps are field proven to provide reliable operation and dependable performance. Pentair offers a complete line of Myers wastewater pumps, controls and accessories to meet your needs..

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