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Water Pumps & Systems

From highly engineered 4” submersible water pumps for home well and our quality jet pumps, to technology focused products like the Pentek Intellidrive™ constant pressure system, Myers holds the tradition of dependability and excellence after 140 years.

For your home well or shared private well, a Myers pump can provide the water you need. Trust in Myers!

Water Pumps

Sewage, Sump and Effluent Pumps

Myers offers a complete line of sump pumps, sewage pumps and effluent pumps that began with our dependable double-acting hand pumps back in 1870. All your wastewater pumping needs can be satisfied with one stop at a Myers distributor. As a part of Pentair, Myers continues to set the standard for quality, value, and reliability for the customer who demands the best quality sewage pumps, sump pumps, and effluent pumps available. The next time you need to work on pump stations or add a bathroom, a Myers pump can be your sewage or effluent pump solution!

Water Pumps

Grinder / Solids Handling Pumps

Today, one of the biggest problems facing professional plumbing contractors is the clogging, roping and binding caused by ever-increasing amounts of disposable consumer products entering the waste stream. Myers offers top quality Sewage Pumps designed for this type of duty.

In addition, we are proud to now include new commercial grade Grinder and Solids Handling Pumps. Exclusively from Germany. Jung Pumpen's Grinder and Solids Handling Pumps are the culmination of 86 years of innovation, and an excellent addition to Myers' high quality product line.

Water Pumps

Specialty Pumps

Myers Specialty pumps include our centrifugal pumps, high pressure booster pumps, high-temperature and other effluent pumps, submersible, gas engine, and other utility pumps, above floor drain systems, and oil detection systems. Pump out water. Pump water in. Pump water from here to there. Whatever the pump requirement Myers has an innovative solution to meet your needs.

Water Pumps